About Us

About Us

Love shopping for great premium items?

Love snuggling all day in bed?

What if you can do both at the same time? Yeah, that’s exactly what you get here at Pillow Potato. Score the most tasteful well curated items from all over the world - and do so while you lounge on your coziest place. That’s like eating a hearty mashed potato while snuggling with the fluffiest pillow at home.

At Pillow Potato, each step of the shopping process is simplified — press that “Add to Cart” button and expect fast and smooth delivery. That simple!

So shop away as you laze around in bed. No more aching legs you get from shopping around. Guaranteed no sloppy items too!

Any question about your order? Simply send an email at hello@pillowpotato.com. Our team reps are the nicest people you’ll ever come across and they will happily help you the best they can at any given time of the day!

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